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This is all I eat in a day as a vegan chef on a work day when I have to prep and be ready for our evening service at @spritz_antwerp .

I usually start my morning with tea and a workout and since I’m not hungry before working out I eat after. Most of the days it’s a quick yoghurt bowl with fruits, nut butter and seeds.

Around midday we arrive at the restaurant so I make myself a matcha or coffee while making lunch.

Lunch changes every day, today it was a potato and butter bean salad with a mustard shallot dressing.

If I feel a little peckish I eat a handful of nuts in the afternoon.

Dinner is always early when the restaurant’s open, I don’t like eating after the service cause it’s to close to bedtime so half an hour before we open I eat dinner. This time it was a quick lentil ragu pasta with vegan parm and basil on top.

And I forgot to capture it but after dinner I had some dark chocolate and raisins with tea whilst I was cooking for our costumers.


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